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About Me

  • My name's Ni Willis and I created endisni.net. 

  • I was a Chef Manager for 22 years, I'm a trained nutritionist. 

  • I spent 4 years fighting for full custody of my son and also against social services taking my son into care. I won both of those cases and now my son sees his mother as often as he wishes whilst living with me. 

  • I am currently working as a Professional Videographer.

  • I make Professional Logos and Banners too. 

  • The most important part of my life is being with my son and helping him through lifes hardships. 

  • My goal is to help people be free of limiting beliefs by teaching NLP and CACHE Counselling. 

  • As well as making great Video Content for companies to portray and showcase their businesses in the best possible ways.